"Johann Schöner’s Globe of 1523: The Final Resolution of the Crisis in Renaissance Cosmography&

Friday, May 24th at 10.30am, Gregory McIntosh will deliver a talk at the Faculty of Sciences, University of Lisbon, room 8.2.14. All welcome. Brief summary After the discovery of lands to the West in 1492 and the opening of the sea route to the East in 1498, the great problem facing European geographers, cartographers, and cosmographers was the question of how these western lands related to the eastern shores of Asia, and the related questions of: What is the length of a degree? What is the size of the globe? What is the breadth of the oikumene? What is the distribution of lands and seas over the surface of the globe? In the first two decades of the 16th century, many differing and confli

Brief video about the book launch was released today

The daily newspaper Público released a small video on the book launch session that took place at the newspaper headquarters in Alcântara, last week, May 2nd, with insights of the book. For a full news piece please visit the oficial newspaper website.