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The MEDEA-CHART Database is an online information system dedicated to old nautical charts which holds digital images and information about medieval and early modern manuscript nautical charts and atlases from c. 1270 (the date of the Carte Pisane, the earliest extant nautical chart) onward.


The database contains more than 5400 charts (of which about 3500 are part of atlases), 620 atlases, 440 authors and 390 archives. About 60% of the charts have associated digital reproductions, some of them in high resolution. It is continuously growing, with frequent incorporation of newly discovered charts and the addition of more and better images.

With this database, users can:

  • Browse thousands of entries through listings and apply multiple filters to get more refined results;

  • Generate reports;

  • See Charts in high detail through the high-resolution viewer;

  • Perform geographical searches and obtain charts that are inside, contain or intersect the defined search area;

  • Explore a random chart every day with the ‘Chart of the Day’ section;

  • And much more.


All the information stored on the database is curated by project members. We envisioned the Medea-Chart database as a source of reliable information with continuous updates. Everyone is encouraged to contribute with amendments, corrections, and suggestions.

Drop us an email (

Visit the system by following the link.

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