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Sima Krtalic is our new PhD student

Last week, Sima Krtalic, started as a PhD Student in the Medea-Chart Project. Sima has a Bachelor in Liberal Arts, Sarah Lawrence College, and a Master in Archaeological Materials Science, Universidade de Évora. With professional experience in translation and pedagogy, and an academic background in art history, fine art, social science, and material analysis, Sima’s interest is in probing the function of artworks as didactic aids, luxury items, physical objects, and more. Her previous work on cartography included a study of the materials, production methods, and context of the maps included in António Bocarro’s “Livro das Plantas de Todas As Fortalezas…” Sima’s current research centers on the aesthetic logic of portolan charts, the ways their designs were executed and transmitted, and their functions as social signifiers.

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