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The MEDEA-CHART Database is online!

The MEDEA-CHART database was created as a tool to assist in the study of medieval and early modern nautical charts. The database also aims to facilitate access to nautical charts for both the scientific community and all members of the public. In short, we collect dispersed information on nautical charts and compile it on a single online platform, available to anyone for free.

The development process started about a year and a half ago and is ongoing. MEDEA-CHART project members have an active role in the process of defining and testing newly database features, ensuring that the system reaches the level of usability required of a research tool. As development is still in progress, new features are expected to arrive in the future. We would like to extend our gratitude to Dick Pflederer for allowing the use of his census. This resource has been invaluable in populating the database.

As a developer, I have found this work particularly interesting, as I have had to collaborate with researchers and learn new tools to continue to improve the system. The challenge of developing a user-friendly and innovative tool for the study of cartography is tremendously motivating.

The MEDEA-CHART database can be accessed for free at

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